Original Utah Prison, Salt Lake City, Utah (Razed)

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Original Utah Prison

Neighborhood/s: Sugar House, Salt Lake City, Utah
Salt Lake City, Utah
Salt Lake County, Utah
State/province: Utah
Country: United States
Year built: ca 1860
Year razed: 1952
Historic Function: Correctional facility

Sugar House Salt Lake City Salt Lake

Original Utah Prison, Salt Lake City, Utah (Razed)
(40.72462441075683° N, 111.85189247131347° WLatitude: 40°43′28.648″N
Longitude: 111°51′6.813″W

Utah's first prison was used to detain polygamists in the 1870s. The prison was moved to Draper, Utah in 1951, and the original building was razed in 1952. The land was reused for an expanded Sugar House Park (moved from the Hidden Hollow area), for the Highway I-80, and for Highland High School.


Memories and stories


I attended Irving Jr. High School in 1963. I walked from Stratford Avenue to the school on 21st South crossing the prison grounds. I seem to remember a lone tower; the only remaining portion of the prison. After the prison was removed, the land was used to build Highland High School, the New Sugar House Park and the I-80 freeway. Currently the prison site is marked with a stone wall monument, (apparently a section of the original prison wall). An attached plaque describes the history of the prison.

We moved to Sugar House in 1943. We lived on Hannibal St. which ran south from 21st South to Parleys Canyon Blvd. at 1870 East. I walked past the prison twice a day for 3 years (1945-1948) when I went to Irving Jr. High. My friend, Mary, lived in a farm house located near 22nd South just below 17th East because her father was a guard at the prison. Some of our relatives were incarcerated there because they were polygamists. When the prison was moved to the point of the mountain in 1951, my mother took my 6 year old brother down to watch the prisoners being loaded for the move.


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A plaque explaining some history of the prison is located near the west entrance of Sugar House Park, in a grove of trees. It is made from some of the original sandstone of the wall.

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