Old Sugar House Park, Salt Lake City, Utah (1911-1951)

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Old Sugar House Park

Location of Site: Sugar House Neighborhood
Neighborhood/s: Sugar House, Salt Lake City, Utah
Salt Lake City, Utah
Salt Lake County, Utah
State/province: Utah
Country: United States
Year Established: 1911
Year Ended: 1951
Historic Function: Park
Current Function: Commercial district

Sugar House Salt Lake City Salt Lake County

Old Sugar House Park, Salt Lake City, Utah (1911-1951)
(40.723583648517° N, 111.85575485229° WLatitude: 40°43′24.901″N
Longitude: 111°51′20.717″W
Old Sugar House park once occupied the block between 1100 E/Highland Drive and 1300 E along 2100 south. In 1951, when the Old Utah State Prison was shut down, the park was moved to the prison's old location. The thriving business district soon covered the old park. However, a remnant of the old park remains as the Hidden Hollow Natural Area.


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Many of Sugar House's most memorable businesses grew up in place of and around Old Sugar House Park.

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