North End, Saint Paul, Minnesota

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Saint Paul, Minnesota
Ramsey County, Minnesota
State/province: Minnesota
Country: United States

Saint Paul Ramsey County

Streets near Jackson St. Shops were named after stations on the Manitoba Railway. They include Atwater, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Wayzata and Litchfield.

This area has many so-called "mechanic's cottages," small homes built to house workers in the Jackson St. railroad shops. Historic buildings in the area include: 820 Park. A good example of a "mechanic's cottage;" Benjamin Stevens home, 1031 Park. Stevens was one of a number of African-American stone masons who were brought from Georgia to cut the marble for the construction of the State Capitol Building. Shortly after a 1992 Union Advocate article about the house, it was torn down by the Public Works Department. Knights of Labor Local Assembly No. 4031, Park and Sycamore Sts. The building, torn down in the 1940s, was one of two K of L buildings in St Paul in the 1880s. 61 Manitoba. In 1893 home to H.F. Connor, master of Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen. Ackermann Bros saloon, 780 N. Jackson (corner Sycamore St.) Built in 1886, the saloon was patronized by workers from the Jackson Street Shops. Union Advocate article



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Buildings in North End, Saint Paul, Minnesota

# Street
Ackerman Building, 780 Jackson Street, Saint Paul, Minnesota 780780 Jackson Street
Arvidson Block, 842 Rice Street, Saint Paul, Minnesota 842842 Rice Street
Church of St. Bernard, 187 Geranium Avenue West, Saint Paul, Minnesota 187187 Geranium Avenue W
Engine Company No. 22, 293 Front Street, Saint Paul, Minnesota 293293 Front Street
Eva McDonald Valesh House, 796 Jackson Street, Saint Paul, Minnesota (Razed) 796796 Jackson Street
Harland Parish House, 1023 Avon Street North, Saint Paul, Minnesota 10231,023 Avon Street N
Saint Mary Romanian Orthodox Church, 854 Woodbridge Street, Saint Paul, Minnesota 854854 Woodbridge Street

Structures in North End, Saint Paul, Minnesota

Sites in North End, Saint Paul, Minnesota

Tours in North End, Saint Paul, Minnesota

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