Murphy Square, 801 22nd Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Murphy Square, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Address: 801 22nd Avenue S
Location of Site: South Minneapolis, West Bank
Neighborhood/s: Cedar Riverside, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Hennepin County, Minnesota
State/province: Minnesota
Country: United States
Year Established: 1857
Founded by: Captain Edward Murphy
Historic Function: Park
Current Function: Park
Notes: Murphy Square is now surrounded by Augsburg College.

Cedar Riverside Minneapolis Hennepin County

Murphy Square, 801 22nd Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota
(44.965303° N, 93.240113° WLatitude: 44°57′55.091″N
Longitude: 93°14′24.407″W
Murphy Square was the first park in Minneapolis, donated to the city on July 17, 1857 by Captain Edward Murphy. It predated the Minneapolis Park Board, and sat unused except as cow pasture until 1873 when Captain Murphy himself, with assistance by Charles M. Loring, installed improvements in the form of a fence, paths and line of trees at the perimeter. Augsburg College now surrounds the two-block square.


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