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About Placeography

Placeography is a wiki where you can share the history of and stories about a house, building, farmstead, public land, neighborhood or any place to which you have a personal connection. If you don't have a place to contribute, please enjoy learning about others.

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May's Featured Place
Avalon Theatre, 1500 E Lake St, Minneapolis, Minnesota

This Moderne-style theater is notable for its striated walls of Mankato-Kasota stone, glass-block windows and tower. Built on the site of the 1909 Royal Theater (later Seventh Ward Theater/Rosebud Theater and Reno Theater). In 1924 Architects Ekman and Holm remodeled the theater and renamed it The Avalon. In 1937 architect Perry E. Crosier expanded that building and wrapped it with a new facade and added large corner tower with long strips of neon lights. In 1955 the theater became the Fine Arts Theater. From 1982 until 1985 it was an adult movie theater. In 1988 In the Heart of the Beast puppet and mask theater moved into the building. They create and perform large scale puppet performances. They are very active in the community and “employ” many volunteers and school children. The highlight of their year is the annual May Day parade held on the first Sunday in May in Minneapolis.

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Old Highland

The area known today as the Old Highland Neighborhood was opened for settlement in 1857. During the period of the 1860s much of Old Highland was platted. A major growth of the Old Highland Neighborhood occurred during the 1880s and 1890s. This period saw large architecturally designed and contractor-built residences of distinctive period styles. The population was generally merchants who operated businesses along Washington, Plymouth, and West Broadway.

U of Minnesota

ARCH 5674 Class Project
See what the students in Arthur Chen's ARCH 5674 class at the University of Minnesota have done!

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