Loring/King House, 25 Island Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Loring/King House

Loring/King Home ca 1885
Address: 25 Island Avenue W
Neighborhood/s: Nicollet Island, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Hennepin County, Minnesota
State/province: Minnesota
Country: United States
Year built: abt 1869
Year razed: abt 1922
Historic Function: House/single dwelling or duplex
Material of Exterior Wall Covering: Wood
First Owner: Charles M Loring
Notes: Second owner: William S. King.

Nicollet Island addresses often changed. The historic address was probably 41 Island Avenue (1885 Dual City Blue Book).

Nicollet Island Minneapolis Hennepin County

Loring/King House, 25 Island Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota
(44.987211° N, 93.262807° WLatitude: 44°59′13.96″N
Longitude: 93°15′46.105″W



Charles M Loring - Nicollet Island a "Dreamland"

The house now being torn down on Nicollet island and generally referred to as the "Bill" King place, was not built by King, but by Mr. Loring himself, he said.

Nicollet Island Then a Park

"I saw a statement recently that King built that old house," Mr. Loring said. "I built it myself in 1869 and lived there about eight years before I sold it to Mr. King. Nicollet island was a dreamland in those days. We had a delightful little community there, W.W. Eastman, the Delaittre family, our house, and a few others. The island was really a park as it stood. It was thickly grown up to a grove of as beautiful native maples as one would care to see. I think of it many, many times." [1]

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