Keene Photography Studio, 803-805 South Front Street, Mankato, Minnesota

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Keene Photography Studio

Address: 803 Front Street
Mankato, Minnesota
Blue Earth County, Minnesota
State/province: Minnesota
Country: United States
Historic Function: Photography Studio

Mankato Blue Earth

This brief biography is from George Keene's 1943 obituary in the Saint Paul Pioneer Press.

“He left the farm as a young man and followed an interest in photography. He opened a studio in Mankato and later had 14 branch offices throughout southern Minnesota. An accident forced him out of the photography business and in 1921. He was one of the first investors in the River Sand and Gravel Company. This firm later became the Guaranteed Sand and Gravel Company, a firm he actively headed until a few days ago.”


Memories and stories

Photo Gallery

Some photographs by George Eldon Keene

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Saint Paul Pioneer Press March 13, 1943

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