James Pye House, 163 Island Avenue East, Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Address: 163 Island Avenue E
Neighborhood/s: Nicollet Island, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Northeast, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Hennepin County, Minnesota
State/province: Minnesota
Country: United States
Year built: 1900
Historic Function: House/single dwelling or duplex
Current Function: House/single dwelling or duplex

Nicollet Island, Northeast Minneapolis Hennepin County

James Pye House, 163 Island Avenue East, Minneapolis, Minnesota
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Built in 1900 (late 1870s according to the property's current owner.) The structure is a two story, 1886 square foot, nine room, four bedroom, three bathroom, house.

The 1885 city directory indicates that Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dexter and Mr. and Mrs. William Akers resided at this address. The 1930 city directory indicates that Joseph S. Hardin resided at this address.

James Pye was an engineer who helped develop the gradual reduction mill method of grain milling and who helped design one of the "A" Mills. James Pye (1855- ) was the son of William Marsland Pye and Ellen/Ann Dodson Pye, married Clara Almeda Satterlee (1859-1905,) the daughter of William Wilson Satterlee and Sarah Stout Satterlee, and the couple had three children, William Satterlee Pye (1880-1959,) Louise Marie Pye (1885- ,) and Hugh James Pye (1888-.) Clara Almeda Satterlee was born in Ontario, Vernon County, Wisconsin, and was the daughter of William Wilson Satterlee (1837- ) and Sarah Stout (1838- .) William Marsland Pye (1828- ) was the son of James Pye and Mary Masland (1784- ,) was a schoolmaster, first married Ellen Dodson, and the couple had one son, James Pye, and later married Joanna Saunders Edwards of Australia in 1859 and the couple had three children, Hugh Pye (1860- ,) born in Ascot, Victoria, Australia, Emmeline Pye (1861- ,) born in Melbourne, Australia, and Henrietta Pye (1866- ,) born in Melbourne, Australia. In 1909, James Pye was the manager of the Nordyke & Marmon Company and resided at 1811 Colfax Avenue South according to the city directory. Joseph Hardin ( -1938) and James Pye ( -1939) both died in Hennepin County.

William Akers ( -1933) died in Becker County, Minnesota. Charles Dexter ( -1958) died in Ramsey County. In 1891, the Nordyke & Marmon Company was a flour and corn roller mill equipment manufacturer located in Indianapolis, Indiana. The Nordyke & Marmon Company was founded in 1851 as E. & A. H. Nordyke, added Daniel W. Marmon, an orphan raised by an industrialist uncle, in 1865, after his graduation from Earlham College, was renamed the Nordyke, Marmon & Company in 1866, branched out into other machinery in the late 19th century, manufactured the Marmon automobile from 1902 to 1933, sold the milling equipment part of the business to the Allis-Chalmers farm implement company in 1926, and was reorganized as the Marmon Motor Car Company. A Marmon automobile, the "Wasp," won the first Indianapolis 500 race in 1911. After 1933, the Marmon Motor Car Company became the Marmon-Herrington Company and produced trucks and all-wheel drive vehicles, was purchased by the Pritzker family in the 1960s, and now operates under the name "The Marmon Group." William Satterlee Pye, USN, (1880-1959) was an Admiral in the U.S. Navy who served in World Wars I and II, entered the U.S. Naval Academy in 1897, graduated in 1901, was commissioned an Ensign in 1903, served on five battleships and an armored cruiser between 1901 and 1915, was assigned to the staffs of the Naval Academy and Naval War College, captained the new destroyer USS Jacob Jones (DD-61) in 1915, commanded her until early 1917, joined the staff of the Atlantic Fleet's Commander in Chief through the rest of the First World War, served with the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations between 1919 and 1921, was Executive Officer of the battleship USS Pennsylvania in 1922-1923,commanded the minelayer USS Oglala (CM-4), was the head of a U.S. Naval Mission to Peru, commanded the battleship USS Nevada (BB-36) in 1932-1933, served as Chief of Staff to Commander Scouting Force with the rank of Vice Admiral, was Commander Destroyers in both the Scouting Force and Battle Force, was Commander Battleships, Battle Force in 1940, was Commander Battle Force in 1941, was President of the Naval War College from 1942 to 1945, and received the Navy Cross for his service in World War I. Hugh James Pye married Lucille Alice Goodspeed in 1909 in Wagoner, Oklahoma and then married Ann Louise Crosby in 1959.Portland Avenue East 1. Thursday Night Hikes, Assembled by Lawrence A. Martin. Retrieved on 2008-02-27.

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