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What are Badges?

Badges accomplish a couple of things. First they are used in Placeography to identify that a building, structure or site is part of a tour, historic district, project or is a historic site. Badges, if properly done, can add code that will quickly and dynamically add places to the tour, historic district, project page.

Example: Adding the badge for Saint Paul's Gangster History Tour the will add the Schmidt Brewing Company to the Saint Paul's Gangster History Tour tour page.

When to use a Badge? (and not to use a Badge)

Placeography uses a form based wiki, and while this makes for easy creation of Pages and adding of data, unfortunately a form based wiki can be confining when adding data. While the creation of a badge can be complex it makes

Badges should be used for projects, tours, historic districts.

Badges are not needed and should not be used for grouping places into neighborhoods, cities, states, countries, architects or styles. The data is already being collected in the infoboxes and if the category page does not exist one can be created fairly easily and a list of places dynamically created on it. Example: the page Bungalows in Minnesota creates a list using "Minnesota" and "Bungalow/Bungaloid"

How to create a Badge?

Currently it takes a lot of monkeying around to get a badge created. We are working on a better form based way to create a badge in the future.

Until then... This example code from the Saint Paul's Gangster History Tour with some adaptions should work for creating badges. Replace the values for background, badgeimage, badgetext, tourname with with your own to customize it.

|background=#C0ECF2    <!-- This is the color of the Badge background -->
|badgeimage=Badge-StPaulGangster.jpg <!-- This is the Image of the Badge -->
|badgetext=This place is part of the<br/>'''[[Tour::Saint Paul's Gangster History Tour]] ''' <!-- This is the Text of the Badge -->
|tourname=Saint Paul's Gangster History

How to add a Badge to a page?

Examples of badge code. Place at the top of the "Free Text" text box on the form.

Using this when adding just a badge:

{{Badge/Farm Houses of Richfield}}

Use this if you want to add a badge in a table:
(this is useful when you are adding more than one badge or want to adjust alignment.)

{|style="width:300px; margin-left:10px; border="0" 
{{Badge/Farm Houses of Richfield}}

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