Historic Jewish Duluth Tour

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Historic Jewish Duluth Tour

Duluth, Minnesota
St. Louis County, Minnesota
State/province: Minnesota
Country: United States
Tour Created by: Jewish Historical Society of the Upper Midwest

Duluth St. Louis County Minnesota

Historic Jewish Duluth Tour
(46.7866719° N, 92.1004852° WLatitude: 46°47′12.019″N
Longitude: 92°6′1.747″W

City Life

In Duluth, where individual Jews had appeared as early as 1869, a range of organizations did not emerge until after the city itself became a viable business center after the opening of the Mesabi Iron Range in the 1890s. The earliest arrivals, fairly Americanized Jews from the eastern United States, established businesses and bought houses in the affluent area east of Lake Avenue. Decades later the eastern Europeans laborers settled in the city’s West End, many of them renting low-cost housing between 12th and 24th Avenues. Never numerous, Duluth Jews totaled at their height in the 1930s about 4,000 people.

Jews In Minnesota- Hyman Berman and Linda Mack Schloff

# Street
2605 East 3rd Street, Duluth, Minnesota 26052,605 3rd Street E
Adas Israel Synagogue, 302 East 3rd Street, Duluth, Minnesota 302302 3rd Street E
Peoples' Clothing House, Superior Street, Duluth, Minnesota Superior Street
Silberstein and Bondy Company, Duluth, Minnesota
Temple Israel Jewish Education Center, 1602 East 2nd Street, Duluth, Minnesota 16021,602 2nd Street E
Twin Ports Clothing Company, Duluth, Minnesota

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