Historic Fort Snelling, Fort Snelling Military Reservation, Minnesota

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Historic Fort Snelling

Historic Fort Snelling
Soldiers at Fort Snelling gate house
Fort Snelling Military Reservation, Minnesota
Hennepin County, Minnesota
State/province: Minnesota
Country: United States
Year Established: 1819
Founded by: United State Government
Historic Function: Fortification
Current Function: Historic site

Fort Snelling Military Reservation Hennepin

Historic Fort Snelling, Fort Snelling Military Reservation, Minnesota
(44.89254601714° N, 93.180541992188° WLatitude: 44°53′33.166″N
Longitude: 93°10′49.951″W
National Register of Historic Places Information
Reference Number: 66A00401
Reference URL: [Reference]
Certification date: October 15, 1966
Level of significance: National

Fort Snelling was established in 1819 as the first military post in what later became Minnesota. Its location on the bluffs above the confluence of the Mississippi and Minnesota Rivers was ideal for protecting the interests of the United States Government.

Fort Snelling was called into active duty one last time during World War II. For 300,000 young men of Minnesota's Greatest Generation, the fort represented their gateway into military service. At the end of the war, it represented their ticket out.


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