Harwood's Grocery Store, Salt Lake City, Utah

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Neighborhood/s: Sugar House, Salt Lake City, Utah
Salt Lake City, Utah
Salt Lake County, Utah
State/province: Utah
Country: United States
Historic Function: Business

Sugar House Salt Lake City Salt Lake County

Around 1952 (not sure about the date) Roy C. Harwood and his brother Harold C. Harwood took on a new adventure of owning their own grocery store. They both were raised in Sugar House and worked in grocery stores when they were teens. They purchased the store and began working taking shifts and their children grew up working in that store when they were just young. They also hired some boys in the neighborhood. It was a store where friends, family and just passersby, could come in buy a 5 cent Coca Cola and discuss the day's events.

In 1955, the store caught on fire, and they lost a lot of inventory, but, that did not stop them from cleaning and opening up again in 3 months.

The store was open 363 1/2 days a year. Closing only a half a day on Thanksgiving and all day Christmas and was opened from 7 am to 11 pm.

The Harwood boys decided to venture out and open another store and one would run one and the other the new store. That was not a success, it worked for only 1 year. They were in business in Sugar House for 15 years.

In the mid 60s, they had to move to make way for new business moving into the Sugar House area. Roy and Hal started looking for another store to buy and found one on 200 south and 850 east.


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Transcribed from an oral history by Shirley Harwood, collected on 4 July 2007.

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