Greenbriar / Arbuckle House, Arbuckle Road, Richmond Kentucky

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Richmond, Kentucky
Madison County, Kentucky
State/province: Kentucky
Country: United States

Richmond Madison County

Also referred to as the Ross House, Greenbriar is a relatively unoramented expression of Greek Revival style of architecture.



Built for Samuel Ross in the mid-1800s, it is a three-bay two-story brick structure with a two-story ell extending to the rear. A single-bay flat-roofed Greek Revival style portico initially sheltered the central entrance, although now only its markings on the brick facade remain.

All sides contain common bond brickwork, with the rear facade in the seven-course variation and the front and side facades in the five-course pattern of headers every fifth row. The low hipped roof, flanked by interior end chimneys, surmounts a denticulated cornice. On the front facade the window are in elongated pairs, while the central doorway is surrounded by sidelights and transom and is framed with a heavy architrave molding.

A large central hallway containing a winding walnut staircase leads to single rooms on either side of the hallway and to an ell in the rear. Like the stairway, the doors and other woodwork are walnut.

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