Frost House, Berea College, Prospect Street, Berea, Kentucky

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Berea, Kentucky
Madison County, Kentucky
State/province: Kentucky
Country: United States

Berea Madison County

Formerly the residence of Berea College ’s third president, William Goodell Frost (1854-1938), this frame dwelling is still referred to by his name. President Frost was instrumental in the development of the student labor program at the college and was also an editorial writer for the town’s newspaper, The Berea Citizen.

Variations of roof types in the Frost House provide interest to the exterior. A steeply pitched gable roof covers this one-and-one-half-story residence. Paired pillars support a gable-roofed porch over the entrance. To one side, latticework distinguishes another porch with a hipped roof. The shingle siding continues upward from a flared base to a boxed cornice. Above the cornice a single hipped dormer and an interior chimney pierce the roofline.


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