Francis R. Meisch

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Francis Meisch
Personal information
Name Francis R. Meisch
Nationality United States
Born October 9, 1915; Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States
Died January 16, 1998; Edina, Minnesota, United States
Significant buildings Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport Terminal; Minnesota Zoo; Hennepin County Medical Center
Significant projects Many airport construction projects

Francis Meisch was born in 1915 in St. Paul, Minnesota. He attended St. Paul schools and went to the University of Minnesota for his Bachelor of Architecture degree. He received his Master in Architecture degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Meisch worked for Northwest Airlines during the 1940s, designing a variety of airport buildings.

In addition to his career in architecture, Meisch created and exhibited etchings, drypoints, and watercolors for which he was best known. He was a member and president of the Minnesota Artists Association, and a member of the Twin Cities Watercolor Society and other artists' groups.

A collection of Meisch's photography scrapbooks and memorabilia are in the collections of the Minnesota Historical Society Library.

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