Charles A. Hausler

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Charles Hausler
Personal information
Name Charles A. Hausler
Nationality United States
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Charles Hausler was born in 1889 in the West Seventh Street neighborhood of St. Paul. In his late teens, he apprenticed with Louis Sullivan in Chicago. When he returned to St. Paul, Hausler went into partnership with William Alban (1911-1913) and later with Percy Bentley (1914) and Ernest Hartford (1915-1916). He was St. Paul's first City Architect (1914-1923) and designed many St. Paul schools, branch libraries, fire stations, and park buildings, some in the Prairie School style. Hausler was elected to the State Senate in 1922. He retired after sixteen years' service and reestablished his architectural practice in 1939. Hausler's architectural career extended nearly to his death in 1971.

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