Blanton House, Eastern Kentucky University, 507 Lancaster Avenue, Richmond, Kentucky

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State/province: Kentucky

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Blanton House was named in honor of its first owner and Central University’s last chancellor, Virginia native Lindsey Hughes Blanton (1832-1914). This Italianate style brick house is the only residence still existing from “faculty row” of Central University. Lucy Gibbs Patton bought the dwelling in 1903 for $6,050 after Central had merged with Centre College in Danville. It later came into the possession of Thomas S. Burnam (1852-1932) who sold it to the normal school in 1912 for $12,500.

Original windows are surmounted by pedimental hoods on bracketed supports. Turned and sawn gingerbread oraments embellish the one-story porch that shelters the entrance. The frontispiece is complete with fan and sidelights. On one side a polygonal bay window projects from the wall face. Overhanging, bracketed eaves lead the eye upwards to a low-pitched, metal fabric hipped and gable end roof.

The floor plan reflects the asymmetry of the exterior shape. For 75 years Blanton House has served as the official residence of the president of Eastern Kentucky Normal School, State Teachers College, and State University.


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