Beltrami Park, Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Beltrami Park

Neighborhood/s: Beltrami, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Hennepin County, Minnesota
State/province: Minnesota
Country: United States
Historic Function: Cemetery/burial grounds
Historic Function: Potters Field
Other Historic Function: Potters Field
Current Function: Park

Beltrami Minneapolis Hennepin

Beltrami Park, Minneapolis, Minnesota
(44.997814,-93.243526warning.png"44.997814.-93.243526" is not a number. )

Beltrami Park has a playground, bocci courts, soccer and softball fields, tennis courts, a sand volleyball court and a basketball court. Beltrami neighborhood and park are named after Giacomo Constantino Beltrami, an early 19th century Italian jurist, scholar and explorer.

Beltrami Park was purchased in February 1908. When acquired, the eight acres of land were in dire need of improvement. Within six months the grounds were revitalized and the park became increasingly popular. In response to the demand for additional park facilities, cement sidewalks, restroom facilities and a limestone walkway were installed between 1910 and 1918.


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