Anoka State Hospital, Anoka, Minnesota

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Anoka State Hospital

Aerial view of Anoka State Hospital (1937)
Anoka State Hospital from the air (1957)
Anoka, Minnesota
Anoka County, Minnesota
State/province: Minnesota
Country: United States
Year Established: 1900
Historic Function: State Hospital

Anoka Anoka County

Anoka State Hospital, Anoka, Minnesota
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Anoka-Metro Regional Treatment Center (Executive Order No. 85-17) is the current name of what was originally the First State Asylum for the Insane (1900-1919), Anoka State Asylum (1919-1937), and Anoka State Hospital (1937-1985). Opening in 1900, the hospital was originally serving as a transfer asylum, admitted patients who were transferred from the states receiving hospitals. In 1951, it, too, became a receiving hospital. The first residents, 100 male patients, came from St. Peter State Hospital and were considered to be "chronic, incurables." By 1906, 115 female patients had been transferred to the hospital from the facility in St. Peter. In 1909, it was decided that Anoka would admit only female transfer patients and that the state hospital in Hastings would admit the male transfer patients. However, construction of an additional building in 1925 allowed the hospital once again to admit male patients.

The hospital now administers programs for the treatment of mentally ill adults from Anoka, Hennepin, Sherburne, and Ramsey counties, and treats chemically dependent adults from Sherburne, Anoka, and Hennepin counties. An infirmary and clinic are provided for the physical health care of all residents at the hospital. Any previous programs, a treatment center for the mentally ill with tuberculosis (1948-1967) as well as programs for emotionally disturbed children and adolescents (1970s), have been discontinued.


Site History

List of superintendents (1900-1962) John Coleman, 1900-1922; Arthur Craine, 1923-1936; M. W. Kemp, 1937-1938; Walter P. Gardner, 1939-1944; Edmund W. Miller, 1945-1952; John H. Reitman, 1953-1956; Donald B. Peterson, 1957-1962; List of Medical directors (1963- ): John Docherty, 1963-1968; David J. Vail, 1969-1970; Octavio C. Pinnell, 1971-1972; Theodore Greenfield, 1973-1976; John Benninghoff, 1977-

Memories and stories

Photo Gallery

Square Dance, ca 1960

A Building at Anoka State Hospital, ca 1910

Preserving the history of Anoka State hospital

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