1019 Edgerton Street, Saint Paul, Minnesota

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Address: 1019 Edgerton Street N
Neighborhood/s: Payne-Phalen, Saint Paul, Minnesota
Saint Paul, Minnesota
Ramsey County, Minnesota
State/province: Minnesota
Country: United States
Year built: 1885
Primary Style: Victorian
Additions: Second story added in 1888
Historic Function: Business
Building Permit Number: 3447
First Owner: Hans B. Larson

Payne-Phalen Saint Paul Ramsey

1019 Edgerton Street, Saint Paul, Minnesota
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In 1885 this building was a one-story structure with a flat roof. In 1888 a second story was added at a cost equal to the cost of the original building. The first owner was Hans B. Larson, a grocer who operated a store in this building and lived at 285 Williams.


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